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Originating from the previous company name Muse Guitars the project consisted of creating a new name, logo and brand identity for the promotion of the company, centered on the development and manufacturing of musical instruments.


The new name and brand image convey the careful combination of art, tradition and innovation. The logo portrays a vibrating string which outlines the letters M and W of the new brand name Muse Waves. At the center of the logo the string is picked symbolizing the origin of sound. As a reference to the maths in music, the logo is an ambigram, which can be viewed upside-down.


MuseWaves - 2019




Graphic Design

Instagram MuseWaves_Logo 1.jpg
Instagram MuseWaves_Logo 2.jpg
Instagram MuseWaves_Logo 4.jpg
Instagram MuseWaves_Tarjetas.jpg
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