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Barcelona Metro

©  Integral Design & Development

The project, done by Integral Design & Development, involves the design of the new cars for the Barcelona Metro subway system with Alstom acting as the general contractor. Barcelona is synonymous with design and architecture, with innovation and modernity, with sustainability and looking to the future. The project result has been able, not only to include but also to successfully merge these values with the technical needs of the operator and the passengers’ comfort into a renewed transit system showcasing Barcelona’s unique identity to the world.

The new car interiors combine the classic brand image of TMB with a clean design language inspired by architecture, to reinforce a sensation of spaciousness and well-being.

The entirety of the design has drawn inspiration from distinctive features of the city. The urban design elements endemic to the Eixample district blocks are echoed into the car stanchions and the flooring patterns, aiding not only the sensation of spaciousness but also passenger ease of movement. In this fashion  each train transforms itself into one of Barcelona’s city streets.


ALSTOM / Integral Design - 2019


Interior Design


Team (Integral Design & Development)

Fernando Tellechea / Miguel Ángel Mena

Javier Carracedo

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